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PROaid Africa Projects(Ghana)

PROaid Africa Projects (Ghana) was registered and established, intending to reach out to the continent of Africa as a real beacon of hope to the hundreds of million of people suffering from the devastating upshot of poverty. The main target is to cater to the orphans, street children, trafficked children, people living with disabilities, poor people, and communities at large.

Our dream is to build a framework where we can reach out to the very typical villages and communities where poverty is striking with fierce, and to identify the very root of this paucity. PROaid Africa Projects (Ghana) was launched, and Board of Directors inaugurated on the 1st of July 2011 at the Cape Coast Polytechnic Campus, Cape Coast, Ghana (West Africa), to reinforce the fight against Poverty.

Also, to provide shelter, food, free and basic education, vocational and technical training and a vibrant self-reliant program to help individuals and other needy institutions get a successful niche in life- in Ghana now and later across Africa.

About PROaid

About PROaid


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Recent Volunteers



PROaid Africa Projects (Ghana)

#10 Downing Ville, Ola Estate, Cape Coast, Ghana

Charity Registration Number: G-37,001

Email: patrick@proaidafrica.org or  info@proaidafrica.org

Telephone Numbers: 00233-264-867622  (Mon-Sat 9:00am - 6:00pm GMT)

Cell: 00233-245-867622  or  00233-242-855153

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