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PROaid Africa Projects(Ghana)

Intern Abroad

Quality education and career development are two major issues facing many countries around the world. In Ghana (West Africa), both the educational system and labour systems are struggling to strategize and improve. However and interestingly, Ghana has become a great beacon regarding all aspects of education because of her readiness to learn, practice and develop. We are so grateful to be a part of this great educational and labour progress and real growth. We have therefore secured slots in most of the indigenous and well organized institutions for you to have our internship at ease, but with greater quality; accessibility has been made easy and very reliable. Interning in Ghana is full of fun and a break to grow.

Opportuinites & Projects

There are a variety of platforms or institutions that will provide you with the opportunity to study and learn during your internship period. The cluster includes Medicine, Basic Education, Law, Social Justice, Welfare and many more. These openings, widely available in most African Countries and Ghana in this regard, will offer you the added advantage and enormous preparedness ahead of your career objectives.

The experience of interning in Ghana is absolutely unparalleled in Africa and even worldwide. It is always a great privilege to study here in Ghana and in Africa at large; the learning atmosphere is very welcoming and the people very friendly and receptive. The skills and added understanding you will acquire during this period will forever remain one of the best assets to your personal and career life.

The opportunities cut across Business management, Arts and Culture, Design and Crafts, Music and Dance, Agriculture and Law. And there isn’t any formal experiences needed to do this.

This program is well developed to fit High School Graduates looking for professional courses to pursue. As a currently enrolled college student, you have a perfect advantage, wilts this program offers the opportunity you will need.

Entrepreneurial Development

What is more! We have very interactive and engaging entrepreneurial ventures available for you – if you desire to undergo a Business Internship. This program is solely designed and developed to obtain or upgrade your practical and career skills or profession, as well as inculcate your ideas to enhance such businesses.  

With regards to career development and professional related interns, experience, skill and foreknowledge is a real apparatus. We intend establishing Microfinance in Ghana to give loans and grants to enhance the local and international trades of individuals and SME’s. Interns help with implementing the loan distribution projects and preparing educational programs.

Our Project Team will be at your aid and help you through any processes and formalities you will need to be successful in this regard. When you send us a mail regarding your interest, our team will make the necessary research and get back to you. However, we have institutions already booked for the courses or programs mentioned above and more. Just get in touch!

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PROaid Africa Projects (Ghana)

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