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PROaid Africa Projects(Ghana)


– History of PROaid Africa Projects (Ghana)

Ghana is a Culture-Rich Country, like many other countries on the globe, and especially in Africa. It is located on the southern coast, adjoining the gulf of guinea and bordering three other Francophone Africa Countries, namely; Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso and Togo. Despite the rich culture heritage, Ghana is battling with a strange, shattering and cancerous illness called POVERTY!

On the 16th of June 2011, PROaid Africa Projects (Ghana) was registered and established, intending to reach out to the continent of Africa as a real beacon of hope to the hundreds of million of people suffering from the devastating upshot of poverty. The main target is to cater to the orphans, street children, trafficked children, people living with disabilities, poor people, and communities at large.

Our dream is to build a framework wherein we can reach out to the very typical villages and communities where poverty is striking with fierce, and to identify the very root of this paucity. PROaid Africa Projects (Ghana) was launched, and Board of Directors inaugurated on the 1st of July 2011 at the Cape Coast Polytechnic Campus, Cape Coast, Ghana (West Africa), to reinforce the fight against Poverty.

Ghana’s population is totalling approximately 24 million people, from 10 regions and 9 tribes, speaking 49 different languages. It is made up of very few cities, many towns, and numerous villages. People from all walks of life spread over the length and breadth of the country. Ghana is not just a third world country- but a poor, poverty stricken nation, especially when compared to the second and first world countries around the world. The very social amenities that a second world country presumably has to enjoy are scarcely available even by the very rich people in Ghana.

Patrick Ankai-MacAidoo, the founder of PROaid Africa Projects (Ghana), had this dream and desire to help not only his country, but also his continent. He brought few friends together to launch PROaid as an NGO. PrOaid is solely responsible for helping poor children, orphans, disabled, other individuals and communities affected by poverty- to rise up and flee the ill nature of that devastating syndrome. Our mission is simple; to eliminate child-trafficking, illiteracy, child labour and poverty in Africa.

To eliminate this gigantic deficiency, Our Goal is to provide shelter, food, free and basic education, vocational and technical training and a vibrant self-reliant program to help individuals and other needy institutions get a successful niche in life- in Ghana now and later across Africa.

Nevertheless, amid Ghana’s adverse poverty, the country is described as and in reality is “... a Bird Watcher’s Paradise, an Eco-Tourist’s Haven, a Cultural Delight, a Heritage Lover’s Passion and an Adventurer’s Dream, Ghana has a little bit of everything that will excite anyone, and has become Africa’s best kept Tourist secret...” Jake Obetsebi Lambtey.




Patrick Ankai-MacAidoo

In the year 1981, December 12, Patrick Ankai-MacAidoo was born to John Kwesi Ankai-MacAidoo and Cecilia Acquah, both from the Central Region of Ghana, at Cape Coast, Ghana. The mother, Cecilia, hailed from a village called Ajumako-Techiman, an hour drive from Cape Coast, the Capital City of the Central Region and the hometown of John, his father.

Between 1983 and 1993 Patrick, as popularly called, had his preparatory and primary education and continued his Junior High School from 1993 to 1996 all on the University of Cape Coast Landscape (Cape Coast, Ghana). Along his years in grade 5 thru grade 9, even till 2000 when he completed his Senior High School education, he had the passion to travel, visits tourists sites and work as a volunteer. This syndicate spirit sprang up from his childhood days when work in the house was always his hobby, fun time and delegated to him alone, voluntarily.

In December 2000, Patrick successfully completed his major course of study at Mankessim Senior Technical School, as a Building and Construction Student. During this same period he had correspondence with volunteers who were in Ajumako-Techiman, his hometown, teaching and training his folks. The volunteers always made him translate and communicate to the elders and people of the village their concerns and worries, including their willingness to serve and their desire to help. Coincidentally, Patrick travelled for holidays that same month to Lagos – Nigeria, where his mother was residing. He over stayed his holidays till June 2001, when admissions to schools was already closed in Ghana. On his return to Ghana, June 2001, he met volunteers again in his hometown (Ajumako-Techiman) and joined to work and fun! Notwithstanding, he had computer studies and teaching opportunities during his long holiday in Lagos, Nigeria.

Patrick went back to his village for holidays and once again met new volunteers, from U.S.A, Netherlands and other countries all enlisted to serve the people of his hometown. He was pleased to serve with them as an interpreter. In August 2001 he worked with a Norwegian lady who came as a volunteer through S.Y.T.O to Ajumako-Techiman till December 2001, when they both parted. The lady from Norway started a school building project to cater for the poor children in Ajumako-Techiman as a pre-school, known as Bright Future Preparatory School.

As a official volunteer from 2001, Patrick always loved to help other volunteers who desire to help his country, find a successful niche to going about volunteering peacefully and very fulfilling. Later in 2003, he became the Project Manager for Bright Future Projects Ghana (B.F.P.G), which was solely responsible for catering for children in Ajumako-Techiman alone, till he travelled as a Missionary to Nigeria and as humanitarian volunteer for 2years. Through his coordinating abilities and instrumentality, he B.F.P.G was registered as an N.G.O to cover Bright Future Preparatory School at Ajumako-Techiman. Upon his return from Nigeria, where he served in 5 Federal States, he continued his work for B.F.P.G as the coordinator.

Bright Future Projects Ghana (B.F.P.G) is now a sister and baby N.G.O to PROaid Africa Projects, fulfilling the slogan “Blossom where you are planted...”.

His love for buildings and creativity increased his ability to observe and solve difficult questions in construction and building in his high school days. Forwarded, he pursued his tertiary education at the Cape Coast Polytechnic in H.N.D Civil Engineering and completed in July 2010.

The idea and feeling to spread his desire to help alleviate people from poverty stricken communities in Ghana gave birth to PROaid Africa Projects (Ghana), which is currently operating in Ghana. It is his hope that it will quickly extend to countries surrounding Ghana and also to Nigeria, where he served as a volunteer for two years. To the extra, he felt the need to establish an organisation that will aim at reaching out to such societies across the continent.

The following points generated from his rich social experiences below illustrate the links to his desires:

Frances Sefenu,

Secretary, PROaid Africa Projects (Ghana)

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