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PROaid Africa Projects(Ghana)

Volunteer Abroad

Volunteering with PROaid Africa is the greatest adventure any one willing to serve individuals and communities in Africa (Ghana) can imagine. It is sweet, fully engaging and very versatile.  Whilst it is our full privilege to have you join us, you are assured that it is an opportunity you have dreamt to have and now will love to be part of… For a spectacular experience enlist to be part of this blossoming program.

Our volunteer program spans across 2weeks through 3months, with additional weeks at the participants own request. This program is so resolute that you can jump out of the plane and wish you won’t go back again. PROaid Africa has a well organized program and projects that will offer you the opportunity to feel self-worth, develop personal skills and build self-confidence, whilst fully emerged in serving communities around Africa with passion.

Our Project Team  members are always available to teach, direct and help you in this life-changing quest. Their help will enable you go through your stay with joy planning, executing and accomplishing your desired purpose. And with every seemingly little contribution, each volunteer can have an enormously critical and positive effect on the lives of underprivileged kids.


Opportunities & Programs

Our teaching program is a wonderful opportunity; very open and activity based. There isn’t any need for you to present some credentials or formal qualification to gain the experience that can change your life for a fulfilled future. However, you need the desire and love to participate and teach. In this regard, we have trained teachers who will brief you on-the-go and help you succeed in your quest to teach and help train these beautiful children of Africa.

The people who are going to work with you and the student (pupils) are very friendly and welcoming. Your duties apart from your specialties, if any, will be to teach basic courses in English, Science, Mathematics, ICT and other courses. Here, you would have the opportunity to learn some of our local languages during this great adventure of volunteering. The program is open to all volunteers whether you are on a gap year, at university or wanting a career break.


Sports and recreation is a worldwide passion. The possibility of meeting people who love sports is on the high score very real everywhere in the world, and most grippingly in Ghana, Africa. This section of our program is a very dynamic and imperative opportunity for our volunteers, Tourists and students to meet the wonderful and talented kids in Ghana (Africa). It also contributes to the formation of healthy and happy people, as well as providing a psychological advantage over negative feelings or distractions.

With this, you can be given the role to be a trainer, coach or a model to help positively inspire and motivate the kids as they yearn to pursue their dreams and develop their talents. On the obvious, sports and recreation enables the kids and yourself to develop physical and mental advantages that regular exercise provides. You will also learn more about cooperation, communication, and discipline. At the end, one crucial benefit is the excitement and fun.


Construction is the most fun part of our program. It is a project that has so soon become to be our hallmark on this adventure. Our impact on individuals and communities at large has been felt tremendously through the instrumentality of putting up basic infrastructure around our projects areas. It has become imperative that as we go on helping communities in education, health and social life, we can go an extra mile by providing these structures to enhance our work, thereby creating a lasting effect and impression and improvement upon the lives in the communities we serve in Ghana and Africa at large.

This part is very interesting because we involve everyone, from planners, to designers to builders and more. When we are aware of your interest or specialty we can fix you right there; otherwise all are in it together. It’s Fun! It’s an opportunity for all! Physical fitness is not a requirement.

The management of the Health Directorate in most parts of Africa are willing and working harder each day to make giants progress in their offering of health care in their countries. Ghana is one of those countries very keen to getting health facilities to rural settlements. With this background PROaid Africa has signed to be partners in this regard – help promote quality health care in rural and urban settings, especially, where our volunteers, students and even tourists may reside. We therefore extend this invitation to trained and pre-trained health professionals and volunteers with such interest to come volunteer, learn and work in these underdeveloped health centers of Ghana.               

Our targets are at both rural and urban communities.  In poor communities, in Ghana, health professionals are needed most. With good planning and accessible provisions, PROaid has organized placement for volunteers who are interested in working at the childcare and maternity hospital. In this project, volunteers are expected to work alongside the local Nurses and Doctors; the work is mostly depending on volunteer’s level of knowledge, experience, skill and above all desire or interest.

Consequently, our major objective is to help accelerate access to basic and quality healthcare for the poor and vulnerable in the society. We therefore seek to provide health services across all sections of clinical nursing, with the basic health effort to such communities, with the help of the local nurses, to promote health education in the villages.

Health & Care

Volunteer consideration work is a standout amongst the most beneficial exercises you can get included in, if it is in an advanced or an improving nation. All through the planet, there are limitless amounts of youngsters who are stranded or disregarded, and in need of affection, forethought and warmth.

Mind positions are a chance for volunteers on a school get-away, crevice year or vocation break to truly have an effect to kids who might overall have almost no mental stimulation in their lives.

Individuals are frequently uninformed of the effect they can have on an additional individual's existence, with even the littlest signal. Using as meager as one month working in a shelter or mind focus, a volunteer can have an enormously critical and positive effect on the lives of underprivileged kids.


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